Friday, November 13, 2009

Chasing to be happy

Relationships...Relationships...RELATIONSHIPS.... hmph. Why is it that people rush into a relationship? I have a homegirl who wants to be involved with someone so bad she feels that it is because of her looks. Trust me she is not unfortunate looking. I told her why are you chasing a man when they need to come after you and have other things to worry about. She says it is because she is tired of being lonely. Loneliness is a psychological advantage.
Well another thing I noticed is that when a female for example has been in so many fucked up relationships she gets tired and decides to turn gay. Sorry honey you can not just switch to the other side because a man did not treat you how you wanted to be treated. How do you think these lesbians feel that you just so happened to jump into their world and you do not know anything about the gay world. To be honest it makes them look bad on their end. You have majority of the society playing to be a pretend lesbian or a pretend gay boy. Women can do some fucked up shit as well just like a man does. I understand that most people would like to have that perfect other half to grow old with; maybe throw in some kids, even marriage. In this planet called EARTH; No one is perfect.

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