Monday, November 30, 2009

[F.A.T.] stands for fabulous and thick.

im fat. im a fat bitch. im a big slug. a huge marshmellow. Hell i have even heard someone tell another big person to go eat a pie fat ass. So apparently whats with the name calling and mean comments? Im not even going to lie I say those things but that is unless I do not like you...other than that I usually get offended. You know..I used to be a chubby kid. It was usually the boys than the girls who were mean to me. It wasnt like I weighed 200 pounds but I weighed more than an average 11 year old is suppose to weigh. smh. To be honest I blame my father. and slightly my grandparents. dont get me wrong I love them but I'd probably be skinny. My eating habits started when I was damn near a toddler. I did not gain weight til I was 9 hmmm. But anywho I got to high school started to loose the weight. Around my junior year going on to my senior my clothes became hella loose. It felt great because it was so much easier to shop. Got to college fell into the "freshman 15" shit. ugh. I noticed I couldnt fit half of my things. Went home for the summer lost the weight again. Man I am TIRED. of riding this rollercoaster. 2nd semester sophomore gained ten pounds. thighs became thicker. im growing a butt.[THANK GOD.] but my boobs wont stop growing which is weird. Now I have lost and gained so much i do not even care anymore. I fell in love with my body not only do I have a nice thick shape but I attract more attention. I use to look myself in the mirror naked and I would wish that I could get rid of the stretch marks and all of my other flaws just to see what it would be like. Now that I am older I love me for me.Its is to the point i would take a picture of myself and say DAMN I really am beautiful. Hell I am content with my 160 pound body, big boobs, thighs, and the ass that is continually growing. Even my love likes what is underneath. I am a woman with true curves. Many people are blind to see that.One person who also is an inspiration to other girls who are full figured is my twinn sister Ashley also known as jaq jaq.At my school she began an organziation along with another lovely lady who graduated called the Bold Beautiful and Chic. It is wonderful to see girls who are not skinny get together and be known to society *BRAVO.ENCORE!* Everytime when someone ignorant calls me fat i say thank you. Its still a complement. Just look at the title because that is what it stands for. DUMMY.

Peace.Love.&&Hair Jam

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