Friday, November 13, 2009

payback is a +MAJOR bitch.

The cost of college education is hell; well maybe not for everyone. There are scholarships but most are not qualified or does not get chosen for it. It is a major hassle. What people do not realize is that America is ass backwards! Some can not afford the higher education that they deserve so loans are taken out. Shit I mine as well just not even go to school and stick with my high school diploma. Before the loans you are broke. After the loans you are broke because of paying back what you owe unless there is some kind of hustle. There are not enough scholarships and maybe grants but those are hard to find for those who are in financial need. Statistics show that in the past few decades tuition has doubled, while the cost at public colleges have nearly trippled. Financial experts have mentioned that an average student graduates with 20,000 dollars in debt. I know one thing...Sallie Mae is about to ruin the rest of my life after I get this degree. FML.

Peace.Love.&&Hair Jam

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