Friday, November 13, 2009

Step outside of the box: things are better PLUMP.

When guys or females observe a person they tend to be picky; mostly by body shape. Lets think outside of the box. I, myself personally are a thick woman. I love being volumptious and my curves define my shape. In the fashion industry the models are hella anorexic. If they dared to gain a pound their career is over. Smh. I wish I would starve myself. I am a black woman who is proud to stick food in her mouth. [trust.] For the last few years the plus size industry has been growing. Of course you have those who judge you by height or weight to be a model but I believe if you can make one hell of an advertisment there are no limits. See that is the problem today..people go by what society entitles them to and because of that it causes problems for that person to connect with their outer image. Tyra Banks weight always go up and down reguardless of the fact that she does not model anymore she has flaws like every other woman. Confidence is the key; when I say this I speak for all big.thick.curvy women: Tell those skinny bitches to eat a whole pig.
P. S. anything above a size 12 is GLAMOUROUS.+BETTER.
Peace.Love.&& Hair Jam

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  1. Story of my LIFE! I couldn't have said it betta myslef. @thickassviola