Monday, December 21, 2009

Fear Clinic

Now people who know me know that I love horror movies & shows. I like to see heads chopped, blood, the whole nine. Fear Clinic is this bomb as series on Fearnet which use to be a channel now on demand thats if you have comcast. Believe me they have everything on their website so really no one is missing anything. This show is about a crazed doctor which is played by the legendary Robert Englund who played Freddy Kruegar on Nightmare on Elm Street. He is obsessed with people's biggest fears so he decides to watch his patients face them by putting them into this chamber. you have the hydrophobic, the scotophobic, the entomphobic, the misophobic and last but not least the claustrophobic. Each person has a chance of facing their fears nut is it worth trying to die for it? Danielle Harris is also starring in the show (Halloween 4, Halloween 5 & Rob Zombie's Halloween & Halloween 2).

Danielle Harris, Character:Susan The Scotophobic

John F. Beach, Character:Ajax The Misophobic

Kate Nauta, Character:Jackie The Entomophobic

Tory Kittles, Character:Jonte The Claustrophobic

Lucas Till, Character:Brett The Hydrophobic

Check out blogs, the rest of the cast, and even the episodes on
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