Thursday, December 17, 2009

HBCU's overrated?

Let me just tell you all what happened to me. I was on twitter yesterday and one of the trending topics were #TheAUC. Everyone who goes to Spelman.Morehouse. and my school Clark Atlanta University were all tweeting about how great it is and stuff. Out of nowhere I get a call from cousin who also attends an HBCU in North Carolina. He told me about a disturbing comment of what a girl said from my hometown. Mind you this chick goes to Ohio State I believe. This is what she said "HBCU's are overrated, take your ass to a white school!" I said what? I felt very insulted so I called her out and embarrassed her. Why would you say that? Arent you black too? Then have the nerve to block her page after it was just public. A few minutes after that she tweeted my cousin saying i see this is what you like to do. Clearly that meant you started something I cant finish. Well dammit you are right! She also said When I graduate I am going to work for an international corprate and therefore black schools do not have culture. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! you must have been dropped on your head as a child because what you just said is ass backwards! First of all...HBCU's? uncultured? NO NO NO darling. white schools are uncultured! WE are very diversed. By the way how would you know if you do not even attend an HBCU? your statements are very irrelevant. Secondly just because you went to a white school that automatically means everyone is offered a good job? NO once again ladies and gentlemen. I know plenty of smart students who are offered a job before they are to graduate; some who are barely juniors just yet! I know someone who was offered a job in Macy's for the executive buying department. I also know someone who works for Ralph Lauren, and many more. You can not say that we are not hardworking individuals to earn our place in the world. The comment of all comments was racist but I would at least expect it from another person of a different race & not a black person. Baby girl you need to check yourself in the mirror.

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    Ok If HBCU's are so overrated then why am i trying 2 break my back 2 get into Clark Atlanta University.