Friday, December 11, 2009


So not all of the female species makes wrong choices when it comes to men or even women. When I speak for all of the dumbasses that fight another female over their partner you all are STUPID. you should be cussin.kickin.screaming.cutting.stabbing the one who played both of you. You are fighting over someone who does not even give a flying damn about your heart.mind.and soul. so for you to sit up there and say he or she is going to be with me reguardless or I will beat this bitch ass for messing around with my boyfriend husband girlfriend wife whomever thee fuck they are to you sounds completely BOGUS. ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE sounds bogus. Please do not get me started on the baby mama drama too. Boy i tell you. The things that I have seen during my journey in the real world; Maury does not count. This baby mama drama has got to stop! especially in the black community. When there is a time to grow up to become mature take the advantage.

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