Friday, January 8, 2010

Hollywood = Death.

Everyone wants to go to hollywood. Who doesnt want to be a star that unless you like your privacy. I was watching Celebrity Rehab last night and the most interesting things caught my eye. Lisa D'Amato, Cycle 5 America's Next Top Model is on the show. She mentioned that she parties alot, has done drugs such as speed, cocaine, meth, etc. and sees nothing wrong with doing it.
In hollywood everyday is a is a lifestyle.
Well in that case it explains the deaths of many celebs such as Brittany Murphy. The cause of her death..well it is pretty obvious. She was already on cocaine which caused her cardiac arrest. Hmph. I guess this is what money does to you. Getting caught into the glamour & fame will lead you to negativity not being careful. It kind of makes me ponder of what else goes on behind the sign of Hollywood.

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  1. I used to want to be actress in high school, however, I changed my mind because I did not want my life exposed to the public and I loss interest in acting, which until recently was okay. Now I want to do something fun, so I'll reconsider an acting class here and there.

    Many people use celebrities as their role models, I think that is kind of dangerous because of the drug use and other strange party habits that you mentioned. I don't I look up to celebrities but I do look up to my mother and sister.