Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Life of a Fashion Major

Fashion. me. a major. It is something I want to pursue a degree in. Yes I am that infamous fashion major.

So they say....

Well last night was 3 of my homegirls birthdays. We were all getting dressed or what not. Anywho. I walked out of the room to get my makeup and one of my friends was sitting on the couch. A comment came out her mouth.
She says....

"yall are doing to much"

I say......

"What do you mean?"

She says...

"Because yall are getting dressed it isnt that serious but yall fashion majors so I guess ill let it slide"

I say...

"Welp. stick with your opinion then"

I brought this up because that was a slick comment in an unneccesary way. I mean I am not mad because it is not that serious but it STRUCK a nerve so I felt some type of way. First off it is every right for me to get dressed up for an event or when I go out with close friends. Just because you sit in an hoody and jeans all the time does not mean we have to be like you. I represent ME. When it comes down to going to certain places and events I know what to wear and what not to wear. She act like I put on a cocktail dress to go to a pizza parlor. My outfit was fine. Secondly...what does being a fashion major have to do with anything? It is not againest the law to look decent in public. What is so crazy about the situation is that I have heard the "because you are a fashion major" line so many times it is majorly stupid. So you dont like my outfit but use "because your a fashion major" shit with me. Everything was not meant for everybody! Lets briefly discuss... [HOW YOU DOING?]

Before I was a fashion major....
As a toddler I dressed up in my mom's clothes and walked around the house in her heels knowing I was going to fall on my ass

Before I was a fashion major..
I picked out my own clothes as a child

Before I was a fashion major..
I use to sew and make outfits for my barbie dolls

Before I was a fashion major..
I have always been known to wear makeup. heels. cute outfits.

Before I was a fashion major...
I always had my own style which is why I am a trendsetter.

Now. once again being a fashion major has nothing to do with my life. It is only a label to earn a piece of paper. After that I will no longer be a fashion major...I will be a fashion EXPERT!

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