Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Royal Thickness

Now since all of the skinny hoes are getting attention...it is time for the plump ladies to get their shine. Here is Miss Jessica Jae. Born and raised in the midwest; Chicago to be exact. She is the eldest and the most spoiled, preferably a Daddy's girl. Growing up as a tomboy there was an aggressive side of her; climbing on trees or playing kickball with the boys. She had caught my attention on twitter because of her avatar.

Yep this is the one. I love how this picture came out

Back to the show...
This 245 pound vixen began modeling six years ago back in Baltimore. At the time she weighed 170 pounds. Because of her weight gain she decided to stop her pursuit of modeling. Clearly it failed since she can not keep herself out of the camera lens. She could not deny herself so she began taking photos again. When it comes to photography and modeling she chooses artistic as her adjective. She loves to create beautiful powerful images to show that she is more than just T&A. She is currently on mission to helping up and coming models to help pursue their career.
I always loved taking pictures. You would laugh if you seen photos of me posing from birth. My mom and dad told me that I should do something within the modeling field.

I asked her how she felt about the whole plus size modeling? She mentioned that Plus size women are now called a size sexy and loves it! Embrace who you are and never allow anyone to discourage you!
Define yourself don't let others do it for you!

As of now she is promoting healthy living and would like for anyone to join her weight loss journey. But as she would say...

Wanna get to know Miss Jessica Jae? www.twitter.com/chicityjessica
Photography taken by:
J.D- Real Life Images...www.twitter.com/@RLIceo
Pat Adams-2StarzStudio...www.twitter.com/@2starzstudio

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