Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I do not think no one can handle the notorious BILLIAM BEE. I say this because he is just at the top of the word Fierce. This 19 year old native from Woodbridge, Virginia is nothing less but more than your average. A while back at a Project X fashion show he came into my existence as he SLAYED the runway for a contest during intermission. After that he was THEE talk of the campus. All I could do was drop my jaw because I have never seen an individual let alone a man out do some of these females; I mean I seen it happen on tv but not in person.
The question everyone asks is "Who is that boy in dem heels?"

He has been modeling since 2004 and enjoys it very much as well as loving every element of fashion. He would like to be a runway trainer (Mz. Jay betta move out the way hunney.) or a rapper and even writes his own lyrics. Speaking of music check out check out 5 star niggaz on youtube. His plans is to be the first openly homosexual male rapper to go mainstream media.

Im a silly person oh and did I mention how much I love shoes?

Laugh out loud. What a sweetheart.

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