Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clark Atlanta University Fashion Show 2010

Before the show begins, the students put together a Market for when people come in to buy from other vendors.

Ms.B & Mr. Hickey.

Constance Boothe..She is thee Bomb.com, the best teacher I ever had!!!

Hey Ms. Ragsdale!

I present to you the Fantasy.

While the fantasy was brought to reality I enjoyed the concept as well as the production of the show. As for the models [tsk. tsk.] I did not like the models. Why? because they showed that they did not want to be there. They half assed the runway which makes the show look bad in a way. To be quite honest at least only four models knew how to walk. The rest were shitty. I did, however, like the designers but I do wish a few of them had more pieces. If I was to rate the show between 1-10 it would receive an eight.

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