Saturday, April 10, 2010

Politics as Usual.

Election Week here at Clark Atlanta University has now came to an end. [THANK GOD. AMEN] I do not know how these people can do it. Politics may bring out the best in people but in the end it brings out the worse. The only thing I am running for is to be a damn college graduate. I just could not do it. First off it is stressful, takes up too much time, following that is speeches, money, the whole nine. WHAT. uh uh. ill be damned. Politics is just not for me. Now as far as some of the is nothing but a popularity contest. For the past three years that I have been at this institution I know who is well known and who is not; but I also know who takes their time out of the day to do things for the school as well as the community. Voting process was last night. I am not going to say any names but some people should not have won. PERIOD. point blank. Hey it is what it is.

I do congratulate anyhow.
De'jonique Garrison-Miss Clark Atlanta University
India Lee-1st Attendant
Brandi Mallory-2nd Attendant
Jacarie Cuylar-Miss Senior
Mercedes Randall-Miss Junior
and to the rest I did not name.

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