Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Basketball Wives

You know, I do not know how I feel about these females. Wait that is a BOLD face ass lie. I do know how I feel. Why? because some of them are childish and you know what they say when majority rules. Jennifer, Suzie, Evelyn, and Gloria are the ones I despise the most. All four of these ladies have some growing up to do. I did however like Shaunie and Royce;they were my absolute favorite. I felt bad for Royce because all of the women were so judgemental of her and she thought those were her friends. I felt that it was fake to sit up there and talk about Royce behind her back then smile in her face and Jennifer was the main one. If you did not like girl stop inviting her out to go places with you.
Suzie on the other hand, she was a shit starter. Are we not too old for instigation? Especially with the whole Evelyn scene when ol girl was sending her text messages and emails and Suzie knew the girl and was cool with her. If anything she should have just stayed the hell out of it. Hmmmm Gloria was a special case. I understand that she believed that blood is thicker than water but her sister was wrong for fucking Shaunie's husband and he was wrong on his end too but the principle of the situation is that Shaunie was her friend so standing up for her sister's in wrong justifications can get her in trouble. To be quite honest, all of these reality tv shows involving women can really bring the most unbearing behaviors out of people. It is somewhat interesting but also sad at the same time.

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