Friday, July 9, 2010

Shake ya romps.


Rompers is one of the most popular styles going on in todays trend. I have not bought one because well for lots of reasons. I am thick so certain areas on my body need room for example my thigh/vagina area. Camel toes are not cute but apparently most females think they are. If I see one more female walk around with a tight ass romper on I will expose her ass to the international world wide web. So serious. Sometimes another option is to buy clothes one size bigger. If you know how to shop this should be known. I have seen so many big sloppy ass/ skinny as a dog bone females wearing tight ass skimpy rompers today. I also blame their rachetlett friends for letting them walk out the house like that. I am mad that I did not get to take my camera out in time to take pictures. smh. Then again. There will be more times. Stay tuned for the rachettness.

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