Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wall of Shame: Roommate Edition

Now. I know some of you who are or have been in college experience the whole roommate situation. What some people do not understand is that there is a difference between a roommate and a friend. 95% of the time you can not live with your friends because they are not what you thought. Honestly, there are people that I can live with and there are people who I can not. IF you can not respect my space, clean up after yourself, etc. we have a problem. Down below are REAL life photos of what goes on within the living space. *drumroll please* I now introduce to you all the Wall of Shame.

Picture #1-Pubic Hair & Booty Dirt on the toliet seat.

Picture #2-OPEN bag of used tampons and bloody pads.

Let me just say this as females this is fucking disgusting. If you have a bag to keep all of your used tampons and or pads tie that shit up and put it away until it is time to throw it out. We are too grown to be digusting!

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