Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fashion is the Cause.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Here is a pure RE-introduction,

This is the savvy Kyrell McKoy.

This other handsome young man goes by the name of Jovel Phillips.

Now you all are wondering what is so special about these two? Well the wonderful scholars of Morehouse College were chosen to work for New York Fashion Week come February. Everyone knows there is a fee when it comes to participating such a highly event sooooooo there will be a fundraising event come February 3rd and it will take place at iLounge located at 1287 D Glenwood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30316. The event will begin at 7:30pm following the after party which will take place at 10pm. Donations...or Admission I shall say will be $10 for the main event and $4 for the after party only AND send your names to for RSVP. I do not know about you but I will be in attendance! Come dressed to impress...we all can learn a little style from each other. [by the way. Check out Jovel & Kyrell's latest website]

-Signing off

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