Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greatest Expectation

I have come to the conclusion that I will be graduating college before my eyes. Yes I am scared because as soon as I walk the stage this is it I am on my own. Failing is not an option for me to live by however I do have in myself. Please believe I am not sitting on my ass not doing anything to prevent myself from not having any type stability for when I cross into the real world. The stage I am going through in my life is like a video game and at this point I am at Grind Mode level. Building my network, building my creditials is in process at the moment. So I bet you are all wondering what is your goals within in the fashion industry? I am not sure if I have already explained this in a previous entry but let me explain myself again. I want to be a wardrobe stylist...for movies...hollywood movies that is. I also want to produce fashion shows, working with fashion weeks (Miami, Milan, Paris, New York, etc) but my DREAM job of all work for Vogue Magazine. I never have been interested in journalism nor am I a writer but with having
in existence it has gotten me far and it was very unexpected.
Never would I have thought to be nominated for a category for a major Award Show but it happened. Never would I have thought to have everyday readers. Never would I have thought for people to stop me as I walk down the promenade or at the mall to greet me and say they love my blog (and yes this has happened plenty of times scary but true) however I am blessed for it. I feel something major is happening so I will just sit back and let it happen with silence.

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  1. Congrats On Graduation and If your looking for a internship check out && I wish you the best of luck with your future