Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emergence 2 Serve: Level X Fashion Show

First there was Project X..then comes the [Next] Project...3 years later Emergence 2 Serve comes into existence. Ladies and Gentlemen here we have a group of indiviudals who were willing to keep our legacy alive. When I first joined Project Next I treated the name like it was my child. When we threw our last homecoming fashion show last year in 2010 it brought me to tears. Time to pass the torch.....

The show overall made me proud although I was not to fully satisfied with certain things. There were a scene dedicated to us with only models who have worked with us in past fashion shows we have done. It was like a reunion. We have done all of the behind the scenes now it was our turn to sit in front row to watch the show.

I want to thank those for their hard work and dedication. Not everyone has the patience to plan fashion shows especially those who are level minded. Keep me proud til due time...DO NOT FUCK UP THE LEGACY.

Kyrell McKoy & Ms. Dejonique Garrison...Host for the evening.

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