Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sherane Vintage Closet


(Piicasso wearing a vintage Laurence Kazar Jacket purchased from Sherane Vintage Closet)

I am revealing another secret of where I shop so pay close attention. As most of you know one of my favorite styles is vintage..with that being said vintage clothing is not hard to find at at all whether if it is at a thrift store, an expensive vintage shop, or even your grandparent's closet; take a peek into the reality of Sherane's Vintage Closet.

A while back this wonderful young lady by the name of Sherane Heron followed me on twitter and I noticed she were promoting a sale for her store in which I have never heard whether by word or mouth or what not. I visited her site and seen so many items that I wanted. The week after I finally took a visit with my fellow fashion majors as I racked up during her $7 and $10 sale. In total I bought 6 items which came up to $50..not bad. As far as it goes the service is great and you can sip wine while you shop which was my favorite part (laugh out loud). The store is location is 1016 Howell Mill Ste 3207 (10th Street Entrance between Howell Mill and Brady Ave).
Down below is a few styles that are held in the store....ENJOY.

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