Sunday, July 17, 2011

1 outfit. Many styles.

Greetings Earthlings and Fashionistas!

I felt like I should share this information with you all, well some of you. I noticed how 75% of the society does not know how to create different styles with one outfit; I tend to do this all the time. I figured why not teach the illiterate...once again. I only did two examples so watch closely....

This here ladies and gentlemen, is a vintage romper purchased from Clothing Warehouse in lil 5 points here in Atlanta. The look I put together is a day look for the work enviornment or even for a cute day gathering in the park. Noticed how I gathered dressy accessories to create the ensamble alive.

Sidenote: If you ladies decide to wear platform pumps wear ankle socks to go for a couture look...I would definitely wear purple socks to go with the color theory.

Look #2

This look is perfect for a hangout day with your girls/or guy friends as well as hanging out at the bar with the cool kids. There is really no need for accessories except for the hat with is the focal point of the outfit. The oxfords, purchased from Urban Outfitters, is the finished product.

Please, try this at home kids.

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