Thursday, September 8, 2011

P.O.P. Boutique

Before I begin this entry I just have one question....Who wants to buy me this FYE ass blazer?

Jaded. Important. Controversial. Extraordinary. Free Spirited. Amused. These are adjectives that describes your personal when it comes to shopping with P.O.P. (Pocketfull of Pearls) Boutique. There are so many treasures to be found within this wardrobe closet; kind of like finding creatures in The Chronicles of Narnia. One thing that I found pleasing is that there are clothes for all sizes. I think that it is not fair that the plus sizes can not find sexy chic clothing for themselves well now they have something else to enjoy on the list.

I got a little online shopping happy while looking at this site but gladly I learned resistance. I do have somethings on my wishlist at the moment.

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