Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Introducing....Fearless Weirdos

Take a ride on the wild side and explore the mind of what it is like to be a Fearless Weirdo. The wardrobe is more than just stylish but with lots of ECCLECTIC activity among the designs. Just recently Fearless Weirdos celebrated their 1.75 anniversary with the ladies of Audacity ATL standing behind the promotion. There is not to many stores or boutiques that shoutout Japanese and American mixed fashion culture just so happens Fearless Weirdos is the place to be. The location is in Lil 5 points here in Atlanta and I do tend to stop by the store time to time when I am in the area. I find so much I have to leave. It is not easy being a shopping addict. Like seriously I have a problem. To shop online visit or if you are in the Atlanta area 426 Seminole Ave | Little Five Points | Atlanta, GA 30307.



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