Friday, November 13, 2009

Bow. Im Here.

So...I am newcomer. After things become familiar to me I will get use to the whole blogging the way my name is Tierra but some call me Piicasso as in the artist Pablo Picasso except I spell my nickname with two "I"s.I consider myself as a [cool kidd] mixed with an ECCENTRIC persona. Shoutout to Mr. Vonee *chuckles* with his handsome ass and Miss Viola who gave me advice and helped me start this off. Back to my [introduction] I want to share my thoughts with the world;for society to get inside of my head. Therefore my topics will not BORE any of you just to give [HEADS.up].

Peace.Love. && Hair Jam

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  1. interested in what you're going to write about. chek my blog out.comment & follow. would mean a lot.