Friday, November 13, 2009

The Unheard

"Crank that soulja boy!" hmph. Everyone knows who soulja boy is but is he considered a real music artist. Personally I just see him as a person who can make club bangers. As a matter of fact most of these "so called" artist do not talk about shit. I mean do not get me wrong I bob my head to it or pop my ass in the club. What I am more concerned about is that there are people who are very talented in music and are either not heard enough or not at all. People like Teedra Moses, Dwele, Lalah Hathaway, Hil St. Soul, Algebra Blessett etc. are very talented. You mention any of those names what response are you going to get? "Who are those people?", or " I never heard of them". These people deserve to be heard. Hell, Chrisette Michele is just now rising to the top at first not too many people knew who she was. At this day, age, and [Generation] the definition of good music has been on the edge of dying. You have women like Melanie Fiona and Jazmin Sullivan trying to bring back the R&B genre alive.

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