Monday, November 16, 2009

Culture Shock.

A gal like me is from a small town up in the midwest where everybody knows everybody.It is kind of hard to date someone because they could turn out to be your long lost brother, or a cousin. People like me have dreams of being on the red carpet, reaching to success but I have to leave to be somewhere better to make my dreams come true. Usually when I leave to travel somewhere in another state i am happy. I pretty much hate being their in my "birthplace" and I say this because we are sheltered. It is time to find another place to call home and I did...ATLANTA. So I get to the south and it is so many people from other places such as parts of New York, Cali, Miami, Philly, etc... I pretty much love it down here. The only thing that I can not stand is when someone complains about being somewhere they do not want to be but went through their way to go where they do not want to be at. can you say backwards? smh. I know alot of people like that and it is like no one put a gun to your head and told you to be here go back to where you came from it is that simple. I have a perfect example...So this special person in my life was at work and their co-worker is from Philly. She has been saying some rachet shit about people from the south which to me is very VERY disrespectful saying that my special one and the other coworker look like they take showers and that southern people look like they stink and they couldnt cook and look illiterate [well i dont think that came out her mouth but I have heard others say that which is so mean] anywho from my understanding you have been here in GA since you were two..even stayed for are 28 and you have are now working down not complain. POINT.BLANK.PERIOD. You know what it is though? people from popular states or cities are so used to being around exposure; something similar to what Atlanta has the only difference is that Atlanta has a different enviornment. You have those who keep flying back home every weekend or complain about how they wish they were not here then five years later...they are still standing here. smh. i just do not understand you people! ugh! Hell my ass gets offended I am not even from here but congrats to me because I just became a permanent resident. hehe.

Peace.Love.&&Hair Jam

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