Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday wishes

My favorite two holidays back to back ; Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love thanksgiving..well it is because I LOVE to eat [but] I love to come bak to my families' home cooking. It is the best thing that will ever fill up a person's stomach unlike my mothers red velvet cake, Aunt Karen's pasta salad, Grandma Sharon's macaroni and cheese [ahhhhhhhhhh i am getting hungry talking about it so I rather not finish] besides it is too many people to name. Christmas is just... sheesh it is too many adjectives. Gotta have a white christmas; best time to snow outside. Of course everyone knows Santa Clause does not exist and I want to tell my six year old brother and three year sister that he does not exist but I love the way they talk about "him" like he is some magical creature you find under the covers. They write "him" letters and gets so excited when they bake him cookies. My mother always wait to decorate the tree until I come back for christmas break. Oh how I love to hang peppermints on the tree. hehe. I am grateful to have a family to spend the holidays with. Most do not even have a family and that does make me sad. Around this time I see a home less person(s) look so sad I even seen one cry before. It does hurt that they do not have what I have. Spending them alone with no money or food, not even a nice gift to feel that they belong. If I could I would grant every unfortunate one a wish and make it come true so that a smile will appear.

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