Friday, November 20, 2009

True Life : I am Greek.

Hello, My name is Piicasso Mari. Junior, Fashion Design Major here at .............. University. I would like to join [SHHHHHHHHH] You thought I was really going to tell you which organzation that I would like to become part of? uh no. i am totally discreet about it. smh. [anywho BLACK greek life.] Some do not agree with it or care for it..why? because they feel it is nothing but a gang.[whoa]. Do you really want to know my opinion about BLACK greek life? well I can say this....In the divine 9 or even something outside of that I think it is one of the best things to be established on Earth. As black people unity is something that most of the race lacks. Being part of something so unified really inspires me to become part of a line. The way some families have a special legacy to carry on,the way they stand for, the way each and everyone gives back to the community, the way it is considered an actually job in that it is, last but not least when one reach its peak of success one can reperesent their own. But then there is somethings I do not agree. Pledging back in the day or years ago; it was so much easier to do thing like not wearing a certain color, or singing in public, basically anything to humiliate yourself in a not so harmful way; basically mind games. [sidenote: mind games are still being played with peoples head and it causes stress] Today in this day and age people who are pledging or being HAZED are getting injured or possibly death. You know what is so funny? during my research I noticed that hazing and pledging is two different definitons; how interesting is that. Two pledgess of a certain organization were killed in Los Angeles, California September 9th. They were both drowned at the Dockweiler State Beach. They were blindfolded and told to step into the water in which the tide took them both ten feet to drown. It is said that the sorority called it a ritual; something that was not approved by the organziation anyhow. Another incident is a guy was brutally beaten by his "big brothers" as well as four others. They did not seek him any medical attention taking the unconcious man back to his room. The ignorant part about it is that these frats is that they stopped at a fast food restaurant when clearly the hospital is across the street. OOOOOOOOO and here is another incident; a girl went up to the president of a sorority and asked when is the next time they were having a line; the president spit in this girl's that is just nasty. Some people do not know to be discreet about greek life because no one told them it was something you just do not asked or tell to the public so no person shall be held againest that kind of situation. If she wanted to be rude she should have just walked away because spitting in someone's face is disrespectful. I am sorry but um I would have went to jail. TSK TSK. I just think that is a shame. The secrets of pledging will never be known unless he or she witnesses it for their self. I have a few greeks in my family who are "old heads". They explained to me..none of this would never happen during our time and generation. It is a shame for you young folks to put others in danger just so they can earn their letters. SPEAKING OF EARNING LETTERS! I do notice that when most people after they cross they act like real assholes! I just do not appreciate that. It is considered rude and fake. Let me tell you all something. When I got to college this person also said hi to me and we would conversate all the time when it was a time to bump into each other while going to class or chilling on campus. Now that this person has joined an organization they act like it is going to hurt to say hello and I know your dumb ass see me. hmph. I am sorry people I had to vent. back to the topic. Plenty of people join something not only do we not know who some of those people are but the " less known" think they are the shit. smh. do not act cocky now you are a little late for that and you know what? After those people graduate college it is not even going to matter as much than before because they have other things to worry about. so clearly that cocky attitude is apparently a waste. Personally I think it is funny. What I try to tell people whom stress their self out about joining something I tell them that before they even started wearing those letters think about what kind of people they were before or the things that they use to do. No one is perfect mind you I know some of them who were party animals or smoked weed and probably still does. hmmm. Then you have those who join something for all the wrong reasons. What ever happened to doing your research to find something that suits you and not because your friend(s) are joining or because you could get more popularity,getting women or men,the attention, things of that nature. I have view by my own eyes organzations saying rude things about others and I am not talking about chants, cheears, or strolls. I went to a probate for a sorortity last semester. As the new line were greeting the sororities one by one I would hear all of the big sisters around me saying rude things and I mean so rude it would cause a fight. mind you I am in the front I can hear everything and when shots go off I am running. One of them was like I dont give a fuck I wish a bitch would say something to me, I will talk shit when I want about any of these soror bitches cuz clearly we are the best organization out here. {FREEZE THURR PARTNER; PUMP YA BREAKS] I am like how childish, and classless is that? my jaw dropped the whole time. I could not believe what I was hearing. Clearly I will not say anymore because um yea...I will just leave it at that. From what was told to me going to seminars at my school "we all are unified and it does not matter which colors you represent" from what I just experienced I do not even think that I believe that anymore. ok. I was curious about something..why is it that people have arguements between people who are on "paper"? I just see that if you have qualifications I just do not think it matters. Maybe there is something I do not know but oh well.... my fingers are beginning to hurt. so those of you who are reading this and are greek: do not worry I am not here to downgrade you all because I do know some people read things and take it the wrong way...then again if you take it the wrong way apparently you have a dirty conscious soo with that being said...

Peace.Love&&Hair Jam

P.S. do not ask me what I am an interest in because um *mysterious voice* ill never TELL!

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