Saturday, November 21, 2009


So on friday I went to Club Libra with a couple of homegirls. I noticed that most of these females were dressed 0HHHHHHHHHHH SO ..rachet. I mean ewwww. Let me tell you about this one girl who thought she was the shit wearing a fake louis vuitton or shall I say vouis vuitton visor; FIRST AND FOREMOST why are you wearing a visor and aint no damn sun out? not to mention she is wearing this visor with these boots that look like she bought from rainbow! wow. As a matter of fact...heres a presentation..[scroll down]

You see this girl in the yellow? Trust me I tried to track her down so that I can take a picture of her from the front to get the whole view of what she had on. Let me tell yall what was wrong...This girl is thick and mind you she does have shape BUT. her boobs sagged so bad and did not have on a bra or any type of support. it was very disgusting!

*huffs* We are all grown here and when we grown up are style should change. Stop dressing like you are going to middle school basement parties! It is not cute at all!

OUCH! baby girl! TSK TSK. not with your back fat hanging out. that is a total NO NO]. If you wanted to wear the green top you should have put on a full black tank top that would have covered the back fat. I give you a 2 thumbs down!

SO you thought it was ok to turn your hoodie into a dress? {crickets] I rest my case!

Now this of all is the worst case that I have EVER seen. I thought satan came out to blind me. She of all people should have known better to leave the house like this! First all most plus size girls do not go well with stripes...secondly where is the rest of her clothes? All that cellulite hanging off of her thighs is nasty!


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  1. LMFAO...IM SAYING THOUGH SOME OF THIS CHICKS SWEAR THEY GET IT AND THEY REALLY DONT..honestly some of the people of you have of the girls that are going to club is the RIGHT attaire..i still have to fix a few things..NOT ON YOU but there was a little hinden errors but nothing that nobody cant fix or tell them to try this and this and I'M PRETTY sure they would be like "word i agree"