Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Space Jams?

The new air jordans also known as Space Jams were released today but originally they were suppose to be released on Christmas Eve. Alot of people are going bizerk over these damn shoes? Why is that? Hell they cost 200 dollars plus tax! ill be damned! But you know what Michael Jordan is smart. It is all about supply and demand. He sells a limited supply for more money. If jordans were not selling they would be cheaper but if of course you give the people what they want and they are still going to buy it even if its with part of their rent money or grocery money to feed their kids! I remember they use to cost seventy five dollars to one hundred dollars. Even if they were $500 society would still go out their way to purchase a pair. Even people who still live with their mama or driving other peoples cars want to stunt. What is the point? This is how I see it..If you have bad ass credit and dont own nothing you should not be able to buy $200 dollar shoes. I say this because now and days people just want to stunt. TRUST ME stunting is not cute! I hate for the simple fact that I hear men and women mostly when they say " I bout to go stunt on these hoes." BOO.BYE! You dont have a job, not in school, still living wit yo mama, and either driving a fucked up car, driving other peoples car or no car at all! For the guys most of you are going to just throw on a black tee to wear with the shoes that is a waste of money! ugh. by the way what makes jordans so special? I dont even like jordans like that. All of his shoes look the same to me. Did you know it only cost two measley dollars to make jordans? embarrasing right? but it is the truth. What is so funny about these space jams is that they came out years ago they just have another name. Hell I had the same pair of shoes when I was a year old. People do not realize that he sells the same thing over and over but hey got to give them want they want right?

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