Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ladies & Gentlemen...Meet Elzie...

This is thee homie..but he is not just any homie he is my brother from another. This poem is something he wrote and I relate to it so much...

As I lay here in your arms
And watch you sleep
I can slowly feel
I wasn't here for you
I am just here for this moment in time

All these years of cheating, lies
Fights, and tears
I can see we don't know each other at all

Dreams we have
Don't really include each other
I have goals to reach
And you have other things you need

All the ancient memories we have
Transformed into lies
To hide the truths from one another
The way we really feel

The silent tears we cry alone
The pain we try to hide
The pleasure we truly seek
We will neva have together

We are to broken to heal
The scars never will disappear
I have mines
And I'm sure.. you have yours

I was pondering
Would you reach for me
If you saw me languishing

Would you cry for me
If I told you I couldn't breath
If I was slowly drowning, suffocating
If I told you I was languishing

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