Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For future reference..the world isnt going to end in 2012

So this end of the world bull has to stop IMMEDIATELY! Clearly it is a world prediction... that does not mean it is accurate See this is why I cant stand being around certain people in society because people choose to listen to propangda and not do their research..well i did mine! Clearly the whole mayan calender issue isnt clear. There is so much information about the world ending that it is ridiculous and on top of that there is different dates and years of when the world is and wss suppose to end. Did you know that it is said that the world was suppose to end in 1998? Im still breathing...hmph. I even remember when I was younger that people were going around saying that we were going to have flying cars in the year my feet are still on the ground when im crusing somewhere. There is a few more but im not going to list them but here is a few websites that I checked out...
oh and this one!

by thee is going to end when God himself says so....AU REVOIR.

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  1. I know that movie started so much mess- it's stupid!