Monday, January 25, 2010

The BIG issue.

Whats the difference between a big girl and a small girl? Well that is easy the size. In the fashion world there are boundaries when it comes to the runway. As much as I love fashion and my passion within it I dont agree with the whole size thing. I noticed as I researched why plus size women are discriminated againest so much. Well i found out because it makes everything look unhealthy. My thing is women who are a size 2 showing their rib cage is healthy? I dont think so. V Magazine has been showing off these beautiful curvaceous women and as of now I have received so much more confidence than before. V's creative director mentioned how shallow he was until he met a young lady. He also mentioned that all women have something different to bring to the table and that we must appreciate them all.

anywho. as I recall the average size of a woman is a size 14 and 41 percent are larger. So tell what is the BIG deal?

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