Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now that is what I call real black men.

Just the other night my homegirls and I were chilling and just so happens a fight breaks out of nowhere. There was a house party a couple doors down from us and most of those people do not attend clark atlanta university or any school in the AUC they were strangers for the most part. Anywho. I go outside and we hear a loud noise and a girl was hit in her face with a bottle by a guy. So the altercation escalated even worse. All of a sudden all of these people came out of nowhere i felt like I was at a concert or something. The reason I brought up this scenario is because there were some real black men out here. When some of them found out how a young lady was hit with a bottle by a guy they wanted to take action and the crazy thing is none of them know the girl but it is all about respect. I give props to each and every one of them because they risk getting kicked out of school to stand up for a female and that is love!

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