Saturday, January 16, 2010

Its a drama filled world.

*huffs* I wish people would grow up and mature sometimes. I never understand it. It is like people entertain drama but for what? It just makes you look bad. smh. I met up with my best friend from high school. It has been a couple of years since I last spoke with her. It feel good to see her because she always had my back and I had hers. We were conversating and brought up certain people from the past that I dont care for because they were what?..DRAMA FILLED. Im not going to use their real names but I will subsitute them. Heres a scenario.

There was a girl name jamie who had the biggest crush on me. but I like her best friend shana. A girl named Kayla was a chick I use to sing in choir with. We were cool but we werent the best of friends she was more like an associate. We never hung out or went places together only conversated at school. Me and Kayla became not cool anymore because I caught her speaking on me more than one time but thought it was okay to apologize everytime she did it. One time jamie had her on speakerphone and I heard everything she said about me. Anywho I liked Shana and so did Kayla. who did Shana end up with..well moi of course. We only lasted for 2 months the first time then broke up. We broke up because she felt she couldnt handle. she had jamie call me while she was on three way to tell me that shana just wanted to be friends. I dont understand why she couldnt do it. I felt disrespected. Then her and Kayla began to talk hmph. whatever. after a while me and shana got back together because she missed me. To be honest it was a huge mistake going out with shana because first off she was drama filled. Secondly she would always act funny towards me around certain people and I cant stand that. So I stopped talking to her. I stopped talking to jamie because she was an intentional instigator. A few months later I ended up hired for a job and went to orientation. Guess who was there. SHANA. then she wanted to speak to me out of nowhere. but im like whatever. We didnt really speak to much while working together. I bumped into another female who worked with me that was gay in which I didnt know off the bat because I didnt know her and the only i knew her of was her name. By the wasy meet Misha. A hood chick who was about her money but she was so childish for her age. Her girlfriend came up to my job and was flirting with me and Im like just talking back its not like we exchanged numbers or anything. That same day misha came up to our job to just hang around for a bit and she tried me. She was like I heard you were trying to talk to my girlfriend. She told me you was flirting with her. BITCH WHAT? are you serious. first off last time I checked your girlfriend was a hoe. She cheated on you how many times? Yea. Stop announcing your business to all your job its so unprofessional. secondly why would you try and fight another female who didnt even know you were gay and your girlfriend was flirting with me and then lied about it so that she could cover her ass but got caught anyway because her story doesnt add up. funny thing was misha called her girlfriend to confront her and she was doing some dirty shit again. wow. But the funny thing was misha was still telling people I was trying to talk to her girlfriend why are you lying on me? I dont want her and if thats the case I would have been bold to do it and not care what she think but im not that kind of person. For some reason deep down inside misha did not like me and the thing was I did nothing to the girl. Her insecurities kept getting her in trouble. Anywho one day Kayla came to my job and was doing an application. Im like omg! I already have to see Shana's face, cant stand misha now your ass! but im like whatever she gets the job then all of sudden kayla and misha gets cool. wow. The thing about that was both of them was talkin behind each other back. but you claim your real? FUCK OUTTA HERE. After I quit because I was accepted to college out of state I didnt have to see none of them muthafuckas again. then kayla and misha added me on myspace. wow once again. anywho after not having to speak to them my life became more quiet, content. Like I mentioned earlier me and my best friend was talkin and i left out that kayla was like does she still talk to me and my homie was like yea and kayla was like ewww after she dogged you? FIRST AND FUCKIN ALL. this bitch has the AUDACITY to make me look bad. how thee hell would i dog her out if you never heard me say anything about my homegirl. We were associates so that makes you a big ass liar. hmph. shame. like take yo bald headed cheap weave wearing ass somewhere. [woooo-sah] but like i said my life is more content well I bumped into another drama filled person well 2 people now but thats a whole nother story. lets just say even though this person may be popular 75% of the campus hates this person's guts and make it so bad one of their good friends even said this person is just nothing but drama. but yet you are hangin out with them. smh. fake. people just need to wake up AND GROW THE FUCK UP!

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