Monday, January 4, 2010

Whats more disgusting? Homosexuality or YOU?

alright. ok. *huffs* taking three breaths. Just to warn you this blog is going to be explicit. Keep reading if you can handle it.

For starters I am a [L-E-S-B-I-A-N]. Always was and always will be. It started at an early age. 5 at the youngest. I kissed a girl in kindergarten. && I loved it. but as a child it confused me. I did not know if it was a right or wrong thing to do. As I grew older my curiousity never occured til beginning of high school. I was physically attracted to guys but never wanted to have sex with them. I even hated having relationships with them. That just goes to show of what I wanted and that was a woman. I am not even going to lie I was in love with a guy and the only guy I ever had deep feelings for. It just wasnt meant to be; for the simple that I love women alot. When people think of lesbian they think of sex like we arent meant to have intimate relationships with each other they have the mind of two girls licking a cooter. Alot of people never think to guess that I am a lesbian. I do not just go to gay clubs and events I also go to straight clubs and events as well. I have straight friends I cant just hang out with the gays. Life has no boundaries as I was told by my mother so therefore I can do what the fuck I wanna do. I tell guys straight up that i am gay they think im lying but I always have proof. The first question they ask is what is it a girl can do of what I cant do..I tell them you cant love me. They also say well i can put it down a girl cant. First of all do you even know why I like females? Did even bother to ask? Well let me tell you why I am not emotionally, imitately,mentally, spiritually and nevermore physically attracted to a guy than I am to a girl. Anymore questions? The most I get after that is a stare.

So I read the bible. I go to church. I understand that it says that a man shall not lay with another man. There are other people who do things that isnt "Godly" like as well like stealing, sleeping with other peoples wives & husbands, etc. They do get punished for it but gay people are punished for being in existence. smh. whatever. I have done some research and I came across this. and this one too.. continuing.I know most of you watch lifetime. I know some of you seen that movie about a boy who came out to his family that he was gay. His father accepted it but his mother didnt since she was so religious. He killed himself because of it. His mother concluded to herself that there was nothing wrong with him the whole time..God made him that way and that she was suppose to accept him for that.

I have had people well mainly girls not really too much of the guys tell me they think 2 girls being with each other is nasty but never gave me a relevant answer. I should have asked, I was curious to know. What makes it so nasty? How is it so nasty? Last time I checked heterosexuals are disgusting as well. If two girls licking each other is digusting then a girl sucking another guys dick is disgusting or a guy licking a girls cooter. Your sexual preference should not matter of who you have relations with. Either way there are disgusing people.Homos have jobs, homos have cars, homos shop, homos have dates,homos earn college degrees, homos get wealthy, homos do everything a hetero can the only difference is that the other person has the same body part. Then you have people who always point out a lesbian, gay boy, even a transexual in public and says eww, honey they were not even thinkin about you is there something you would like to tell us? Last time I checked homosexuals are humans and not aliens from another world. That is how society treats us and I think it is so unfair! We should be allowed to be married, allowed to adopt children. As for me I came out to most but not to all. Whether people accept it or not I am still going to live my life. I would NEVER trade in my happiness for someone else's so they wont feel embarrassed as well as to be something I am not. I could care less what anyone thinks of me. To be honest. i NEVER gave a flying fuck.


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  1. Hi, I came across your profile and was very interested in your post.

    At first I thought you were heterosexual, like me, saying that homosexuals are disgusting, I disagree. I think all of us experience something beautiful when love is involved. No matter what the sexual preference.

    I know some people who are lesbians and they are cool, friendly, down-to-earth people.

    I like your blog, you are a creative spirit. Check out my blog, too.