Friday, February 12, 2010

Let iT ...[SNOW

Snowing in Atlanta...Whats new?

*huffs* what state am I in again? GEORGIA! What do they do when they see an inch of snow? they go bizzerk! I mean I understand Yall are located in the south but none of this shit is new to anyone. Most of the residents seen this snow before so shutting everything down is ridiculous. Try 7 inches of snow and not being able to walk out of the house period then complain... like omg! my homegirl on twitter is from Miami and she was like she was tired of people from the north complaining about southerners about the snow and We know yall have blizzards and shit and that's why we live in the south. um ok we all have opinions so I respect hers BUT...the last part of that statement made no sense at all.. I understand the whole southern thang but just cuz you live in the south does not mean its going to stay hott all the time it does get cold. [which by the way I hate it when I say its cold outside and someone who is not use to the cold or knows someone from a state that is colder says you should be use to this or you should not be cold. um. *raise hand* let me just say this..COLD IS COLD. it does not matter where you from if you are wearing a coat...its COLD! if you are wearing any type of outdoor thermal..its COLD!] Unexpected weather will happen like hell we are in global warming right now. Who knows you may have a blizzard then who cant back up their statement? Just know as soon as i get my car who wont be staying in the house? been there. DONE THAT. seen WORSE.

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