Friday, February 12, 2010

Social Network...not Social life....

This is what im going to say as of right now...people take social networking sites way to [serious]. The purpose of them is to
. smh. Adults argue on these sites which makes them look stupid not too mention everyones personal business is shared. When are these people going to learn? Then with facebook...tsk tsk. please dont get me started! So im known to have the most photos i mean what i love to take pictures not just of me but of people...i want memories. Yes there have been times when i have said certain things that were out of line but clearly i was much younger and facebook was just getting popular. I want to keep a good reputation so i watch what i say. There are employers who look at these sites to see what kind of people there are in the world. Then there are people who psychologically claims facebook to be their life like if someone deleted it they would die. personally thats funny to me.I do have a facebook, twitter, hell a myspace but im a total extrovert. I dont like to be in the house all the time. When I do get on these sites it is because im bored and have nothing else to do. THEN!!!!!!!!! parents and relatives get let me tell you that my mother has a twitter when she followed me I blocked her.[all of people she was the one who talked about people her age having a myspace then she ended up signing up for one. then facebook. now twitter!] Now why would I do such a thing? well I am a rebellious person and I feel that I have a right to do what I want and what to say without no one questioning me. I mean dont get me wrong I do love my mom but she does not need to be looking at my timeline to see what is said then ask about it later. NOT HAPPENING LADY! Then there are those who just tweet too damn much! How in the hell did you get to 125, 000 and im only on 8, 834? sheesh you just started.THEN.... there are those who get sensitive over the littles things and you dont even know that person. Its like why are you on my page stalking me anyway? im done!

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  1. I do agree, in some way. For me, Twitter & Facebook are my outlets. When I moved from Atlanta, I left behind my life, my friends, everything. I am on Twitter, ALL THE TIME, yet, I carry on my life outside of Twitter. I have 2 jobs & I am finally getting to the point where I am making friends out here BUT I still like to converse with the people I have met on the social network. As for people being sensitive, smh, to each her own. You're right, somethings aren't that serious & a lot of people act out of line. People do get an impression from what they see on your Twitter or your Facebook & that's what I have learned. Keep tight lips about somethings & vent on others.