Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thee Scam.

Craigslist is known for job searches, car searches,apartment name it. What people need to ask themselves is craigslist even helpful? What about 100% accurate? I am a victim. A while ago I was job searching and I came across an offer to be an assistant. Did everything it said to do like sending a resume and things of that nature. I got hired. Thinking everything was ok they sent me a check to cash so that I could send money to their clients. I took it to the bank which at the time was Bank of America, cashed it and went on my way to follow instructions. The next day my account looked weird so I called them and they told me the check bounced and that it was counterfeit. The worse thing about the situation is that my account had to be closed having to pay all of that money back. I was in tears..crazy thing was it was not my fault. I felt like shit. To think I would never be part of a scam...Well I am a statistic....From this day I still search for jobs on craigslist but only for restaurants or stores.

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