Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A day out with the ECCLECTIC.

I absolutely LOVE lil 5 points. This area is so me, as well as my style. It is very artsy as I would describe it. All of these boutiques just make me want to buy up the whole store. Because most only shop at the mall wanting to be the same like everyone else it makes it easier for me to be exclusive. I mean do not get me wrong I still shop at the mall but not as much. Everytime I go there it is like love at first site. The fashions that go on in the area are so extrodinary. Anywho check out www.streetschic.blogspot.com for the street fashions of lil 5 points.

Street Style Star of the minute

Miss Daisha Jordan

Let me tell you all how much I love the Clothing Warehouse and Rag-O-Rama
Then again it is self explainatory...I do favor all boutiques but these places is where I find style in one.

The End.

OOPS. I lied. It is not over just yet....

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