Saturday, March 6, 2010

and the rachetness continues.....

Club Frequency on a Friday Night. My homegirls and I decided to go shake our asses now that it is spring break. hmmm. We sitting in V.I.P. sippin on free bottles of Ivana Bitch.

We get there and I felt like I was at a high school dance. Everyone sitting down and it is like ten people on the dance floor. ugh. I hate it when people pay to get in the club to sit down I can do that at home. smh. anywho.

Let me tell you all about BAPS. (LOOK BELOW)
NOW. about these yellow leggings I actually like them. I have other ways of putting them together with an outfit witout looking trashy. I do not know what kind of crack she was smoking on. Miss Platnum over here thinking she was doing it when she walked in. Now the color is cute and it does go with her skin tone but the style is just entirely tooooo GHETTO. & UNPROFESSIONAL. She could have black hair with a few platnum highlights. smh.

This is just self explanatory BUT. it was too DAMN cold for gladiators! It is not even spring yet!

Now nothing is wrong with partying with the white folks..they are hella fun so I guess I had to add these pictorials cuz BECKY went wild.

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  1. Ha....hilariously entertaining as always. Those yellow to GO.