Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adrene in Wonderland

Welcome to the Grand Opening for the House of Adrene. This was a mighty GRAND& FABOULOUS event I must add. Alot of interesting people came just to share the love of fashion with Miss Adrene Ashford. Rashan Ali of V-103 Radio Station and Mychael Knight as the host were wonderful representatives for the show. Models were BOMB. Makeup was BOMB. Adrene's wardrobe GLAMOUROUS! I got to meet a few celebrities such as Terri Vaughn, Sammie, hairstylist Derek J, and many more. Once again it feels great to be a [V]ery [I]mportant [P]erson.
Come take a peek inside of the Wonderland........

I present to you all..ADRENE ASHFORD!

Let the Show BEGIN!

OMG! Adrene what size do you wear? POTENTIAL borrow.

Make up Artist

Cupcakes & candy provided by SWEETS! But um yea I did not like the Patron cupcakes but overall everything else was great. My sweet tooth went off the wall

My turn to get my model on...where is my lipgloss!

Back to the PROGRAM
Adrene and I.

Celebrity Photographer Derek Blanks and I.

Rashan Ali of V-103 and I.

Sammie and I, he so cute! one day I will let him sing to me.

Actress Terri Vaughn and I. I remember when I would watch The Steve Harvey Show when she played the character Laveda [HOWEVER you spell the name]. You are my SHE-ro. hehe.

Shout out to the DJ, he played some bomb ass music!

My GOODIE bag and yes it has some GOODIES in it. GET YOUR OWN!

SHOUTOUTS: Enchanted PR, the sponsors, and to anyone else that I did not mention for putting the event together. You ALL deserve a round of applause.

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  1. my sister went too
    she said she loved the show