Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2 premiere

I never watched Sex and the City, it just never tickled my fancy. I was told about a private screening being shown at Atlantic Station and I figured what the fuck? I will just see what the big hoo BLAH is about. Besides it was free, why pay eleven dollars to see it, and not mention it will be sold out quickly since it is the talk of the globe, oh and I got to see it the day before it comes out. [BOW in ya face!] It was a great amount of people who came mostly women of course. Necole Bitchie, Dwight from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Bobby Valentino, and many more showed up to the premiere. Sort of mad that I did not get to take a picture with Necole Bitchie as she look fabulous in her form fitting dress but hey I am in Atlanta, there will be another chance.
Dwight and I

Big time Blogger, Necole Bitchie (on the left)introducing the movie

The movie was wonderful! Long as shit but I enjoyed every minute of it. I see why all Divas and Divos watch this kind of stuff, it is HELLA girly. Of course my favorite things about the movie were the Fashions that occured. One day I will be like Carrie and have a big ass Walk in closet as the size of a bedroom.

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