Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I did not know who Esperanza Spaulding was until a few nights ago she did a tribute perfomance to Prince at the 2010 BET Awards. I am like
Who is this big haired girl with this big ass piece of instrument she is playing on?
As soon as this multi-lingual goddess opened her mouth it was like finding the perfect dress for prom. Her voice is so amazing and jazzy; something I would bump in my stereo with the volume of 1000.
So what does my nosy ass go and do? I went to go do some research on her like I was doing a book report for school. I went to her website to find out background information and this radio thang appears. It is her singing on a few tracks she recorded from her album Esperanza . Hmmm lets see. She grew up in a single parent home in Portland Oregon. Learning in an educational system was not her cup of tea so she was home schooled. She however attended a music program at Porland State University being the young Bass player at 16. A few mature years later she attended Berklee College of Music where her dreams began.
Where has she been all my life? It is just sad how society over looks the best talent.Welp. Ladies and Gentlemen I found a new choice of artist. Where is my playlist?

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