Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Human Nature

Every morning, I wake up. If I did not it would be a problem now wouldn't it? I usually wake up around the same time every day which is 9:30 a.m. I wait til 10 0'clock to turn on the television so I can watch Maury. I guess people can call it a ritual. Most of the time the subject ia about lie detector test, and or paternity test. I use to feel sorry for most of the women but to be quite honest it is their fault that they are in the situation. Now before any of you say anything let me give out my explaination. Now ladies, your man or woman is no good right and you know this for a fact. You take your other half on the show to take a lie detector test and they fail. So what happens after that? You take them back! What the fuck did you bring them on the show for then? Obviously you take them back, and know what they are capable of doing. Was all of that bitching and complaining worth the time and stress? Now I do know that people can change overtime because not always a person cheats and they continue to do it but for the women who has dealt with it for months and years at a time, you got what is coming for you. These sort of women makes smart women like myself and others look like we have stupidity written all over our faces. I do not like that. I am a TOUGH ass cookie and those who know me can badge for that. It is not in every females human nature to make dumb ass decision when it comes to taking back a person for all the wrong they have done. Forgiveness is the best thing I could ever do to someone because I use to hold grudges but as I grew older forgiving took weight off my shoulders and so did forgetting.

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