Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Last Exorcism

I love horror movies. Sometimes I feel like most of them are taken to far when it comes down to the spirits. I am religious although I do not follow the rules of the bible but no one is perfect.

So who ever watched the orignal Exorcist?
I watched it when I was younger and since my mother already let me watch horror movies at the age of five she gave up but got scared that I would become a serial killer. I watched The Exorcist and I did not know what the fuck an exorcism was until I got older. This subject is interesting but scary. No human life should ever have the possession of the devil. I realized that this sort of thing is real, real to reality. When I watch movies that has anything to do with God and the devil I hope that the actors and actresses are safe but it tends never happen that way. I researched that many people who have played in movies like The Exorcist, or The Poltergiest people have died for playing these parts. [TRUE SHIT] For those who do not know The Last Exorcism is a new film coming out August 27th and yes I am going to see it. It is about a young country girl from rural Louisiana who lives on farm with her father and is possessed. A priest comes to save her doing a documentary of the events that take place. Shit. I would hate to be in her shoes. Check out the Trailer below.

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