Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walking Curves

Meet Joy Tribble, founder of Walking Curves (woman in the middle)live at Plush Boutique, a plus size store meant for plus size women. I hear stories about skinny girls asking if they have anything in their size. Honey did you not read the sign before you walked in? Skinny heffas always trying to steal something. hmph. [ANYWAY]..

SO I bet you all are wondering what the hell is Walking Curves? Well it is a plus size group, catering to health, wellness, and fitness of plus size, curvy women. This group is to create a bond between women envolving into a sisterhood to build self esteem and happiness. The main focus is not for women to become skinny [no no we do not want that!] but to build accountability, community and to make fitness a fun matter. Thursday September 16, 2010 a 5K run presented by Kaiser Permanente will take place here in Atlanta. There is training involved to get fit for the big day and yes there is a $50 registration fee. Hell I still need to pay my fee it is hard times when it comes down to being a college student. Anyway feel free to keep up with all events and activities www.facebook.com/walkingcurves.

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