Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Financial Freedom

I felt that since I suck at budgeting and saving money that going to this event will save my life. It is hot as shit walking from campus to House of Adrene ( one of my favorite boutiques here in Atlanta)which is not far but I am dying in the 3,000 degree weather just so I can earn some knowledge. It was very well worth it.

As soon as the event started we were asked to find three people and talk to them, ask them what their joy is in life, and what are they planning to do before the year is over? Well I met my Clark sista Joyce, a wonderful cook name Robyn, a romance novelist name Shakira, and kindred heart name Kim. I guess the whole purpose was to get to know other women with goals and to network.

{and so forth}...

Lynn Richardson who works with Russell Simmons Company told me alot that was not taught to me by anyone else. Remember these numbers; 10 10 30 50. What does that mean? It simply means this: 10% ties. 10% savings. 30% cash in your pocket and 50% expenses and bills. adds up to what? 100%. It all makes sense now. Something else I learned is that you can not abuse money because it will leave. I see why most end up in a financial situation because of money abuse. People need to learn to live below their means. The poor act rich and the rich act poor which is soooooo true! The poor act like they can afford so much it is called a budget! Most Rich people over do which causes them to abuse money so I call them dumb rich but there are smart rich folks who does not splurge. In order to have rich we must have poor. If you want ever want to be helped with your financial stability, Mrs.
Richardson is the one to ask for help.
Lynn Richardson

Lynn Richardson and I