Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone, Hope you are having a delightful 2011!

and so forth

So let me tell you I had a ball for New Years Eve; first time I did something so extravagant. Before I go into detail this is what I wore to the event. (pic down below)

Everyone knows that I am a HUGE Asos fanatic so of course that is where my dress comes into place. Olive color Jersey Knit Mesh Dress with gathered inseams. Price $65.71 My shoes...TOO DIE FOR...came from HeelsandHers shoe line located at my homie's boutique Vitesse Exchange here in Atlanta. Price: $64.00 My Cocktail ring was just one accessory that I purchased to go with the outfit. It came from my other homie Kesh Monroe of Dymond Wayz which is an accessories boutique here in Atlanta. Price:$15.00

Back to the details...
I attended the Professional Relaxation located at The Biltmore downtown Atlanta. It was not cold that night which I was praying that it would not be. The event itself consisted of three ballrooms and all three were poppin! However I am upset that i stayed in line for almost thirty gotdamn minutes just to get a damn Cosmo. Bartenders please step ya cookies up next year! Once you upset an alcoholic they remember your face with vengance.


so I did make a drunk video after I came back....please watch...


  1. Boss b*tch. yass.

  2. OMG u were there too!!! it was sooo many people. did you see the girl w the cops @ the end of the night. I had a blast, sold tickets too/ promo.