Monday, January 24, 2011

"Scandelous" Kesh Monroe & Chef Green

Here I am on the set of my big sister/mentor's Kesh Monroe video shoot for "Scandelous" featuring Chef Green. A few of the ideas for the video came from the movie Waist Deep with one scene with Kimora Lee playing a booster selling high end clothing to Tyrese and Meagan Good. The concept of the video was to be taking place at a Taco Party in the hills of California (Tacos were BOMB.COM by the way). Being the black person that I am of course I had as many tacos as I wanted with lots of meat and cheese but I forgot to get the damn sour cream! [ok back to subject] The video will be released soon date is to be announced. Kesh I do not think the kids are ready for this one!

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